Volume 5 – Issue 3

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Infections and preterm labour: Α review of the literature

Antsaklis P., Daskalakis G., Papantoniou N., Mesogitis S., Antsaklis A.
1st Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, “Alexandra” Maternity Hospital, University of Athens, Greece

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Energy balance and body weight changes at puerperium in exclusively breastfeeding women

Antonakou Angeliki1, Panou Ioulia1, Papoutsis Dimitrios1, Bakoula Chrysa2, Matalas Antonia-Leda1
  1. Department of the Science of Dietetics -Nutrition, Harokopio University
  2. 1st Dept. of Pediatrics University of Athens, «Pedon» Hospital «Agia Sofia»

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Clinical significance of surface antigen's presence in cord blood of HBSaG(+)/HBeAG(-) mothers

Papadakis M.1, Daskalakis G.1, Vlachos G.1, Elefsiniotis I.2, Antsaklis A.1
  1. First Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athens, 'Alexandra' Hospital
  2. Department of Internal Medicine-Hepatology and Infectious Diseases Unit, 'Elena Venizelou' Hospital, University of Athens, Athens, Greece

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Trisomy 21 and congenital hypothyroidism

M. Papassava, A. Drougia, Ε. Evagelidou, S. Andronikou

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